Quality Control can be seen as a simple and intuitive process. However, like most analytic processes, if it is applied or managed in an unstructured way, it is likely not to have the expected outcome.


Quality MoniThor has been designed for the HSSE business, with the purpose to support organizations
by providing tools aimed to facilitate the implementation of quality controls.

Quality MoniThor is performing at best when integrated with the other applications that are instrumental
to implementing a strong Quality Management and Improvement System: Incident Monithor, Action MoniThor and Audit MoniThor

Quality MoniThor includes a specific tool particularly useful for teams working with CCTV, like for example safety, production operations, and security. This tool is the Surveillance Plan.

Our team includes staff trained, certified and enthusiast about the Six Sigma system. There is a plan to include in the next versions of the application some of the tools of this powerful system. If you are interested in such feature contact us!

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